Hello again

To all of you who have waited for my book on RAND to come out, the wait is over. Although official publication date is May 14, it’s already for sale on Amazon and all major bokstores.

Early reviews have been very encouraging, and we’ve been promised reviews in The New York Times, The Washington Post and other major media. I did a podcast for the WashPost the other day, which is supposed to be going online sometime this week or next. The editors wanted to wait until the Pa. primary was over so it wouldn’t be swallowed up by the political news. I also did another one at TheWrittenWord.com, which is available right now.

For more info, check back with my site in a couple of days, I’m updating it with all the news about SOLDIERS OF REASON. I should add that I’m going to be appearing at the ALOUD series in the Los Angeles Public Library in June with Mike Shuster of NPR. Needless to say, I am both flattered and a little nervous. I hope all of you who read this will be there to lend moral support. 

Speaking of Pa….As a Democrat, I am saddened to read how many people in that state still said they considered race to be an issue when deciding on a candidate. I had really hoped we were all beyond that, and that what counted in the U.S. was no longer the color of your skin but the content of your character.  Even the size of your bank account as a deciding factor would have been better than the subtle racism that permeated that campaign. 

Of course, it was a battle of the millionaires, but Obama’s three or four mill hardly compares to the $100+ that Clinton earned over the last decade. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge her the money, but I do think that knocking back boilermakers and claiming to be a hunter (full disclosure–I belong both to the ACLU and the NRA) as a way to reach out to the average voter was just a bit too rich for my taste. I just couldn’t believe that all the good people of Pennsylvania, in all those both beautiful  and  blighted rural counties, would fall for that pitch. 

Now that they’re both onto Indiana, I wonder just how sharp an elbow Obama will throw at her to finally get her out of the game. Will he continue to play the part of the idealistic but ultimately ineffectual Stevenson–or God forbid, George McGovern–or will he rememeber his South Side training and become the canny ward politician that JFK was?

This continues to be the most intereresting primary season since the Vietnam War.

7 Responses to “Hello again”

  1. charles coryn Says:

    Why bother to vote? You may vote for whore A or whore B to run your country, so why bother? I live in a county in Tennessee where there are no blacks, and they tell me the natives will burn them out when they come. That’s America, 2008, if you can believe it, and these people do vote. We’re a nation of morons under the Head Moron George Bush, watching the country drown in a sea of debt brought on by the Federal Reserve Morons. What a disgrace, bring on the revolution…..

    I’m looking forward to reading your book. Listening to you right now on Coast to Coast I can see if will be good.

  2. Helen Says:

    Have to answer the comment at least! One vote determined at the founding of our nation that in Congress and all government discussions the language would be English, the other alternative understood by most members was German. Several elections on the local level in Penna. have been decided by one vote and a absentee one at that.

    Yes, racism is alive and well in the back country of Penna. also but as one of two people who voted for Jesse Jackson back when he was a lot more creditable in a certain twp. Some will vote their pocketbook rather than the racist fears of their neighbors.

    As I well know, these people in the land between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh do cling to their guns and religion, in that order because they do not read for learning purposes.

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